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Naughty Dog: “Everybody’s Rolling Onto The Last of Us Part II” After The Lost Legacy Is Done

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy releases on August 22 for PlayStation 4 and Naughty Dog has revealed that, once development is complete, everyone will move over to work on The Last of Us Part II. Speaking with Metro, The Lost Legacy Co-Writer Josh Scherr confirmed that the upcoming title is a “little bit more grounded” than past installments and, while the Tusk of Ganesh is imaginary, the Hoysala Empire that created it is real. Asked if this sense of realism is going to continue in future Uncharted games, provided there are more, Scherr revealed that The Last of Us Part II is going to be the focus for the company next: Never say never. Right now we’re focused on getting this out the door. And after this is done everybody’s rolling onto The Last Of Us Part II. Who knows what the future holds. We love Uncharted, we’ve got a large fanbase, and the fun thing about this genre is that we have always hinted at a larger world out there beyond the confines of the games you play. And this is sort of like a little exploration of that. And who knows, maybe some years from now we’ll revisit it, but right now we’re just focusing on getting READ FULL…

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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Director Highly Doubts the Series Is Done

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Creative Director Shaun Escayg doesn’t think that Chloe and Nadine’s adventure will be the final entry in the series. In an interview with Eurogamer, Escayg was asked if The Lost Legacy is considered the end of its characters’ stories. He replied: I wouldn’t say it’s the end. This thieving world is huge. There’s so many characters. Even before we settled on this particular story we were exploring Sullivan, we were exploring Cutter, and pairing each other up, thinking what would be right, what would have conflict, growth, something new, something fresh. And Chloe was the one that kept jumping out. But to say the Uncharted world is done… I doubt that highly. Escayg added that Naughty Dog explored “almost every character in that world and we do have spines and storylines to explore with them,” but the story with Chloe and Nadine is what they chose to settle on. With The Lost Legacy two months away from release, Escayg says the entire team at Naughty Dog is working on it right now. “We have a truly ambitious schedule,” he continued. “The Last of Us is working but at a lot slower pace right now. The entire team is on Lost Legacy READ FULL STORY…

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Naughty Dog’s Shaun Escayg “Highly Doubts” That The Uncharted World is Done

Creative director and writer Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, Shaun Escayg, talks the Uncharted world not being done, how The Lost Legacy is a full game, and more. …Read More The post Naughty Dog’s Shaun Escayg “Highly Doubts” That The Uncharted World is Done by Tyler Fischer appeared first on DualShockers.

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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Gets Beautiful Gameplay Footage; New Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Update Debuts

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Here’s the Uncharted: The Lost Legacy E3 Gameplay Demo, New Uncharted 4 Update Released

[embedded content] As promised, Naughty Dog has revealed the E3 2017 extended gameplay demo for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, and you can watch the entire 9-minute video above. Naughty Dog’s Scott Lowe said: The demo picks up after Chloe and Nadine have recovered a critical clue to finding the golden Tusk of Ganesh – an invaluable ancient artifact – and must navigate through the overgrown ruins of the long, lost Hoysala Empire. However, their paths soon cross with Asav, our new antagonist revealed in the E3 story trailer. Asav is a ruthless warmonger that’s also out for the Tusk and will stop at nothing to ensure he gets to it first. This level is also a testament to the beauty of India’s Western Ghats and just a small taste of the environments you’ll be exploring on August 22. Today also sees the release of a new Uncharted 4 update for Multiplayer and Survival, which makes Classic Mode a permanent gametype and a new mode for Ranked play: King of the Hill, and adds two new weapons, three new Survival boosters, over 60 new character skins and vanity items, 13 new taunts, and more. [embedded content] Naughty Dog also teased that they’ve “got more READ FULL…

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy E3 Gameplay Demo Will Be Livestreamed on June 20

Naughty Dog has announced that it’ll be showcasing its E3 demo for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy via a livestream event for the public on June 20. The event will take place on the developer’s Twitch channel starting at 10:00AM PT/1:00PM  ET/7:00PM CET. Creative Director Shaun Escayg and Game Director Kurt Margenau will talk us through the demo and share more details about the upcoming expansion, followed by a question and answer session with viewers. The event won’t solely focus on The Lost Legacy as Naughty Dog has said that it’ll also be revealing its new DLC update for Uncharted 4‘s multiplayer and Survival, which will launch on the same day and will be included in The Lost Legacy upon release. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy releases on August 22 for the PlayStation 4. The expansion is priced at $39.99 and comes with a digital copy of Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy as a pre-order bonus at select retailers and the PlayStation Store. [Source: Naughty Dog] The post Uncharted: The Lost Legacy E3 Gameplay Demo Will Be Livestreamed on June 20 appeared first on PlayStation LifeStyle. READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!

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Full Uncharted: The Lost Legacy E3 2017 Gameplay to Be Revealed by Naughty Dog Next Week

While Naughty Dog and Sony Interactive Entertainment provided quite a nice look on Uncharted: The Lost Legacy at E3, you haven’t seen everything there is. …Read More The post Full Uncharted: The Lost Legacy E3 2017 Gameplay to Be Revealed by Naughty Dog Next Week by Giuseppe Nelva appeared first on DualShockers.

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Here’s Some New Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Gameplay

[embedded content] Shaun Escayg and Kurt Margenau from Naughty Dog took part in the PlayStation LiveCast earlier this week, where they talked about Uncharted: The Lost Legacy as gameplay footage played in the background. If you’re just interested in the gameplay, the best clips are from 1:18 to 2:42 and 4:03 to 5:55. In the detailed FAQ for The Lost Legacy, Naughty Dog confirms that it will have a Platinum Trophy, it will have the same Photo Mode features as Uncharted 4, and it “will be enhanced for the PlayStation 4 Pro, including support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) and dynamic 4K gaming.” Uncharted: The Lost Legacy releases on August 22 in North America and August 23 in Europe for PlayStation 4, and it includes access to Uncharted 4’s full multiplayer suite (there will also be some Lost Legacy multiplayer content in the future). By pre-ordering, you’ll receive Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy when it launches for PS4. You can read our hands-off E3 preview over here. [Source: Uncharted the Game] READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!

E3 2017 – Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Preview – Lady Drake (PS4)

[embedded content] It was a solemn day to say goodbye to Nathan Drake when the finale to his story launched last year. Uncharted 4 landed as one of my favorite games of all time, a stunning culmination of the entire Uncharted series, which I also applauded. We all knew some form of a story expansion was coming before Uncharted 4 even released, but speculation was wild for who’s story it would tell. Would we follow Sam, Nate’s brother? What about the exploits of a younger Sully? Color everyone surprised when the reveal of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy at PSX 2016 put Chloe and Nadine together center stage, two criminally under explored characters from Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 4 respectively. Our hands-off demonstration began in a way familiar to most Uncharted fans. Chloe and Nadine are making their way through a lush green locale, scrambling up sheer cliffs and generally looking for any hints of ancient lost civilizations. The dynamics between Chloe and Nadine seem similar to Nate and Sam in Uncharted 4, but Naughty Dog hinted that the narrative would be even more woven into the action and gameplay than we’ve seen before. For example, the player character is Chloe, but…


Naughty Dog Explains Why The Last of Us Part II Isn’t At E3 2017

[embedded content] While we received new looks at God of War, Marvel Spider-Man, Days Gone, and more at Sony’s E3 2017 press conference last night, The Last of Us Part II from Naughty Dog was noticeably absent. Writing on Twitter, Director Neil Druckmann explained that the focus right now is on Uncharted: The Lost Legacy: Believe me, we’re super excited to show you more of Ellie and Joel’s 2nd journey, but right now it’s Chloe and Nadine’s time to shine. — Neil Druckmann (@Neil_Druckmann) June 13, 2017 Uncharted: The Lost Legacy releases on August 22 for PlayStation 4, and you can watch the newly revealed story trailer above. On their blog, Naughty Dog reveals that an extended gameplay demo for The Lost Legacy will be at E3 2017, and details on how to watch it will be given soon. It’s unclear if we’ll get new gameplay at the same time, but Naughty Dog will be talking about The Lost Legacy during these livestreams: Want to hear more about Uncharted: The Lost Legacy? Catch us on these live streams throughout the week at #E3: pic.twitter.com/3TOTHc1KLU — Naughty Dog (@Naughty_Dog) June 13, 2017 Discussing The Lost Legacy’s new trailer, Naughty Dog said: As you can see, we’ve had a READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!

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The PlayStation Showcase Was a Solid, if Predictable Event

The 2016 PlayStation Showcase is arguably one of the best E3 conferences in recent memory. From the debut of games like Days Gone, Resident Evil 7, God of War, Detroit, and Death Stranding, last year’s show was pretty ridiculous. There was no way that this year’s event was going to top it. While this showcase didn’t deliver any megaton announcements, it had enough to keep PlayStation fans happy. In many ways, Sony’s 2017 E3 event was a remastered edition of the 2016 show. We got to see many of the same titles from last year, only much further into development. Not a lot of time was spent on PlayStation VR, but the device will have a number of new titles coming out for it soon. Games like Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, Destiny 2, and Call of Duty: WWII have solid release dates, whereas God of War, Detroit, and Spider-Man are set to release sometime in 2018. Below are some of the PlayStation Showcase’s biggest highlights. God of War [embedded content] The latest God of War footage is very much in line with what was shown last year. A bearded Kratos teaches his son about survival while battling all READ FULL…

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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Gets New 4K Gorgeous Screenshots Captured on the PS4 Pro

Days Gone

Sony’s E3 2017 Lineup Will Include God of War, Spider-Man PS4, Days Gone & More

When E3 2017 begins next week, you’ll see a lot of big PlayStation 4 exclusives at the event, Sony Interactive Entertainment America President Shawn Layden has confirmed. Speaking with Glixel, Layden revealed that God of War, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, Spider-Man PS4, Days Gone, and Gran Turismo Sport will all be present (it remains to be seen if they’ll all be playable though), with God of War likely the centerpiece. Asked about inFamous developer Sucker Punch and a potential Bloodborne 2 from FromSoftware, Layden wouldn’t say anything. In an interview with The Verge discussing the “second wave” of PlayStation VR games, which began with the launch of Farpoint last month, Layden added that “we’ll be talking about a number of other titles at E3.” Layden also spoke with Time, where he mentioned that Japanese publishers are “coming back to console in a major way,” giving Resident Evil 7, Nioh, NieR: Automata, Persona 5, and Final Fantasy XV as examples. “And speaking of, we’ll have some big announcements at E3 in that precise vein,” he added. Discussing Kojima Productions’s Death Stranding, which may appear at E3 2017, Layden said: We’re partnering with him and financing development of Death Stranding. His team has taken the Decima engine that Guerrilla built for Horizon Zero Dawn and they’re using that READ FULL…

Sony Shouldn’t Release Any PS4 Exclusives This Holiday Season

There’s no denying that PS4 has arguably had its best year since… well… ever. In 2017 alone, Sony’s current-gen system had exclusives like Gravity Rush 2, Yakuza 0, Nioh, Nier: Automata, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Persona 5. The system has gotten so many exclusives that it’s been a challenge trying to keep up with all of them. But what about the rest of 2017? Sony will no doubt announce its upcoming PS4 games lineup during E3. At the moment, however, the following months are looking a bit anemic. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy drops during the summer, and there’s a good chance Gran Turismo Sport will release this year too. But beyond that, it’s hard to say what big exclusives will be coming to PS4 in the latter half of 2017. Normally, a lack of holiday exclusives would be considered a bad thing. Exclusives are the main reason people purchase systems, after all. If Sony doesn’t have anything exclusive to offer PS4 users, then what will make the system viable during the fourth quarter? As crazy as this may sound, I believe it is in Sony’s best interest to not release any major first party games during the holidays. Taking this…