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Women play video games – A response to Kotaku’s nonsense post about female gamers

I’m more than aware that sites like Kotaku have published a ton of click bait, rage bait and pure nonsense posts in the past. Even so, I think they might have out done themselves this time. So, what have they done this time then? Well…A couple of days ago, Kotaku published an article titled “Women Play Video Games” (written by… READ FULL STORY AT THEGG!

Why is today’s games media so disgusted and afraid of digital booty and sex?

It’s been quite a while since I (Robin Ek, TGG) turned my anger into an OP. Well, it’s finally time for me to do that again. Why? Because for the last couple of months, I have spotted a handful of articles, tweets and posts by so-called games journalists who despise and feel “grossed out” by digital booty and sex in… READ FULL STORY AT THEGG!


Microsoft's AI Just Shattered the Ms. Pac-Man High Score

GIF According to Twin Galaxies, the official high score for the arcade version of Ms. Pac-Man belongs to Abdner Ashman, with 933,580 points. Or at least it did, before an artificial intelligence developed by Microsoft achieved the maximum possible score for the game, 999,990. Playing the Atari 2600 version of the game (which explains why the graphics look so crude), the AI, developed by a company called Maluuba that Microsoft acquired earlier this year, used an approach called Hybrid Reward Architecture. Using 150 agents that are each focused and rewarded for a specific completed task in the game, like finding pellets, or avoiding ghosts, the AI was able to manage and prioritize them all in real time to play a perfect game. The researchers chose Ms. Pac-Man as it was written to be far less predictable than the original version of the game, which will help the AI they developed better deal with real-world situations that are equally unpredictable. Because as impressive as this feat is, few companies are willing to pay for something that just sits around and plays video games all day. Update, 2:14 p.m. EST/EDT: Microsoft has reached out to us to clarify READ FULL STORY AT…

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This SNES-Style Nintendo Switch Controller Is Designed to Play 32 Years of Games

Nintendo’s recently-announced classic games service will eventually bring your favorite 8-bit and 16-bit titles to the Switch. And when it finally launches, 8Bitdo’s new SNES30 Pro controller looks like it could be the perfect way to play everything from the original NES’ Super Mario Bros., to the Switch’s Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Switch’s Netflix-Like Classic Game Service Is A Rare Example Of Nintendo Listening The noun “Nintendo” can also be used as an adjective. When a company makes players download a… Read more Based on the curvy design of the Super Nintendo controller, the SNES30 Pro has the familiar directional pad on its left side, with Y, X, B, and A buttons on the right. But it adds a pair of analog joysticks to the mix, positioned similar to where you’d find them on the Playstation’s DualShock controller, as well as additional shoulder buttons to match what the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers can do, and a USB-C charging port. Advertisement The SNES30 Pro also rumbles, and has a gyroscope inside so it can be READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

What You Should Know About Mr. Negative, the Villain of Spider-Man's Amazing New Video Game

Insomniac During Sony’s presentation at E3 last night, we got an extended look at Insomniac’s upcoming Spider-Man game for the PS4, out sometime next year. In addition to giving us a brief glimpse of both Peter Parker and Miles Morales, Spider-Man also introduced a relatively new villain you may not be familiar with: Mr. Negative. While we know that Wilson Fisk will play some role in the game’s plot, the group of hired thugs seen in last night’s Spider-Man footage actually work for another NYC-based philanthropist-cum-crimelord named Martin Li. He’s one of Spider-Man’s lesser known adversaries, but given his interesting back story and connections to the larger Marvel universe, his role could make Spider-Man one of the more exciting takes on the web-head. Who is Martin Li? When he’s first introduced in The Amazing Spider-Man #546, it’s explained that the man who would eventually become known as Martin Li was actually an unnamed human trafficker working for the Chinese crime boss Silver Fang. When a ship full of undocumented Chinese immigrants almost crashes into a New York port, the unnamed man seizes the opportunity to escape and start a new life by stealing one of the real Martin Li’s identity….

Digital booty

Why are today’s games media so disgusted and afraid of digital booty and sex?

It’s been quite a while since I (Robin Ek, TGG) turned my anger into an OP. Well, it’s finally time for me to do that again. Why? Because for the last couple of months, I have spotted more and more articles, tweets and posts from so-called games journalists who despise and feel “groosed out” by digital booty and sex in… READ FULL STORY AT THEGG!

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Gamers Love Nostalgia, So Someone Is Bringing Back the Original Xbox's Gigantic Controllers

Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition, which was nearly impossible to find from its initial release right up until the company stopped making it, proved gamers are hungry for nostalgia. But has 16 years been long enough for Microsoft fans to feel similarly nostalgic for the original Xbox’s gigantic controllers? Not actual size, not even close. Accessory maker Hyperkin is hoping so. As part of the company’s E3 2017 announcements, it has revealed a new controller it’s calling The Duke that isn’t really new at all. The Duke is actually a perfect replica of the 2001 Xbox’s included controller that many of us remember having to learn to wrangle in order to play Halo. It was a necessary evil, and eventually we all built up the required muscle strength to hold the controller long enough to finish Halo, and other games on the original Xbox… It had other games, right? The Duke isn’t an exact clone of the 2001 Xbox’s controller, however. While it does have those tiny black and white buttons above the Y, X, B, and A, the static Xbox logo in the middle of the original will be replaced with an READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


Magnemite Gets Its Own Song, Following The Likes of Magikarp and Slowbro

Magnemites are weird, but the official Pokémon YouTube channel has upped the ante on this bizarre Pokémon with its very own theme song. The new Magnemite anthem features miniature versions of the Pokémon hidden about and is somehow adorable and creepy at the same time. Magnemite is a strange Pokémon. Even though it looks like a floating eye with magnets slapped on the side, in the anime at least it’s shown to reproduce and require sustenance like a biological organize. It’s evolution, Magneton, is basically three Magnemites stuck together, which probably sucks. Even weirder is that if no other Magnemites are around, a single Magnemite can still evolve into a Magneton, sprouting two duplicates out of nowhere. Also, under rare circumstances, a Magneton can evolve into a Magnezone, in which one of the Magnemites turns into a big central eye, and the other two get stuck being the shoulders. [embedded content] In Japan Magnemite’s name is Coil, and apparently, you can find them everywhere. In phones, in boxes, on telephone poles, and amongst everyday detritus. This isn’t the first weird anthem the Pokémon YouTube channel has put out. The Slowpoke anthem, while less frantic than READ FULL STORY AT GEEK!

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Journalists fall for fake Petition and use it to attack Gamers – The “Cancel Far Cry 5” petition aftermath

I’ve put forward the notion on countless occasions that the mainstream video game media will take advantage of every opportunity they get to throw their audience under the bus if it fits their narrative. Well, I couldn’t think of no better example of this than the most-recent event where an Anon created a petition to get Ubisoft to cancel “Far… READ FULL STORY AT THEGG!


Innervate has launched their new Red Shell attribution tool

Innervate Launches New Red Shell Tool Allowing PC Game Marketers to Answer the Age Old Question “Which Half of my Marketing Budget is Working?”. Red Shell Tracks Marketing Campaign Efficiency for Steam Games. Press release: Seattle, WA (June 1, 2017) – Seattle-based startup Innervate today announced the launch of its new and inventive Red Shell attribution tool, a brand new… READ FULL STORY AT THEGG!

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Xbox Game Pass Is an Incredible Idea That Falls Flat (For Now)

This is a great selection…of pretty old games. (Image: Screenshot) Yesterday was a big day for Xbox One owners. After a couple of years of knowing they bought an Xbox One when twice as many of their friends bought PS4s, Xbox owners got to feel vindicated in their choice as Microsoft launched the first true Netflix for digital games. Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service whereby any Xbox One owner can pay $10 a month to get access to over 100 games spanning the entire course of Xbox’s history. That sounds incredible! Too bad most of the games are kind of crap. The Xbox One Game Pass system works by actually downloading the games directly to your hard drive, which unfortunately won’t enable offline play—as the system still needs to check online and ensure you’re a Game Pass subscriber. The download, however, does mean you’re not beholden to your network’s speed to have a reasonable experience. As long as you have internet that goes and ten bucks a month, you get a hundred plus games. Or I should say, a hundred plus not so great games. Yes, there are outliers. Soul Calibur and Fable 3 are both READ FULL…

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It’s Way Past Time For Wonder Woman to Headline Her Own Video Game

GIF Diana of Themyscira has a big movie coming out this week. She’s also a major player in new release Injustice 2, a video game where superheroes fight each other over crossing moral boundaries. But Wonder Woman shouldn’t just be part of an ensemble; she should be the main character. With the release of the Wonder Woman movie this weekend, Diana Prince finally joins Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, and others in the ranks of DC Comics characters who became the focal point of a major motion picture. Superman and Batman have both also anchored dozens of video games ever since the days of the Atari 2600, but Wonder Woman still hasn’t been afforded the same honor. It’s a bizarre fact because so many of the component parts of the Wonder Woman would be great fodder for a video game. I’ve written about this subject before, seven years ago to be exact, and much has changed on the video game landscape. Nowadays, thanks to the shifting fortunes of the video game publishing business, we’re lucky if a shallow mobile game accompanies a superhero movie release. It used to be that such occasions were accompanied by a big-budget READ FULL STORY AT…


Some Korean Fans Were Upset About This Imagery in Persona 5

Persona 5’s stylish opening animation is absolutely gorgeous, with its red and black motif, perfectly choreographed character movements, and other bits that make it one of the most memorable introductions to a game you’ve probably ever seen. Its jazzy theme song, attractive text, and other awesome elements make it modern and retro at the same time, and you really can’t say enough good things about it. So naturally, that means it’s controversial, at least for Korean gamers who noticed something particular about protagonist Ryuji’s shoes. It appears that there’s a small red dot on Ryuji’s white sneakers that appears to resemble the Japanese flag, the one generally associated with the Imperial Army of the World War II era, and this caused a bit of an uproar. Korean internet denizens noticed the shoes and were understandably upset with the sneakers, given the relationship between Japan and Korea. It’s not atypical to see both countries sharing pop culture like music, movies, and video games, but Korean gamers weren’t so pleased to find this Japanese flag in the game. Sony Interactive Entertainment Korea took down the original video that depicted Ryuji’s sneakers with what looked like the Japanese flag READ FULL STORY AT…


In Injustice 2, the Joker's Crowbar Means Nothing to Jason Todd

GIF Before he became the Red Hood, Jason Todd met a grisly fate at the hands of the Joker in the iconic A Death in the Family storyline, including a horrifying beating with a crowbar. At least now in Injustice 2, Jason can enact some justice (both poetic and physically) against the clown prince of crime as payback. Jason has been announced as the first character coming to the game after launch, joining Teen Titan Starfire and Mortal Kombat’s Sub-Zero as part of the first wave of new fighters. Dressed up in his Red Hood attire, you can see him in action in a new trailer below—fighting current successor to the Robin mantle Damian Wayne, Batman, and of course, the Joker himself. It’s immensely satisfying to see Jason school Joker, and he’s got some nifty tricks up his sleeve to do so, from a series of fancy pistol moves, to grenades and tasers for when he gets up close. There’s even some surprisingly goofy moves in there, like the moment Jason tries to fire a pistol, fails, and then just decides to bounce it off the head of victim for good measure. All in all, he READ FULL STORY AT…