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Crackdown 3 Xbox Play Anywhere Support Confirmed


Xbox Game Pass Launches June 1st; Includes Over 100 Games at Launch, 14 Day Free Trial


Phantom Dust on Xbox One/Windows 10 Gets a Brand New Launch Trailer for Release Today

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Phantom Dust's Re-Release Will Be Free

Phantom Dust, which we very recently named one of the best Xbox games, is re-releasing tomorrow on Xbox One and Windows 10. And it’ll be free. Advertisement The property has had a tortured time at Microsoft of late, with a planned new game killed off and its studio closed. A remaster of the original game was announced at E3 last year. it’s unclear whether this is that remaster, or simply a port. Advertisement UPDATE: Looks like it’s the remaster. READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


Microsoft Promises Mixed Reality Games at E3 2017; Gives First Look at Intriguing Xbox Application

On the BUILD stage, Microsoft teased Mixed Reality games on show at E3 2017, and gave a glimpse on something interesting. …Read More The post Microsoft Promises Mixed Reality Games at E3 2017; Gives First Look at Intriguing Xbox Application by Giuseppe Nelva appeared first on DualShockers.


Forza Series Races Past $1 Billion in Total Lifetime Sales


Fallout Shelter on PlayStation 4 Is Not a Certainty


Fallout Shelter Now Available on Windows 10 and Xbox One; Gets a Launch Trailer

Halo Wars 2: Physical Copy for PC and Xbox One Delivers Bonus Content

Everything You Could Want in One Version of Halo Wars 2, Courtesy of THQ Nordic Thanks to a new partnership between THQ Nordic and 343i, PC players will be able to obtain Halo Wars 2 as a physical copy. Furthermore, it will be apart of Xbox Play Anywhere. Hence, you get a digital code for the Xbox One. But wait! There’s more. Two editions of Halo Wars 2 will be available at launch. First, we get the standard edition at $59.99 EUR/USD. Ultimate Edition, however, offers you the most for your money. We’re talking four days early access to the main game, Season Pass, and Halo Wars: Definitive Edition(Also playable for PC and Xbox One) all for just $79.99 EUR/USD. Both come in high-quality packaging that is especially appealing to collectors of physical copies. “After working on so many titles together with Microsoft in 2016, we are stoked to start the year with another partnership,” said Lars Wingefors, founder & Group CEO of THQ Nordic. “Being able to deliver such a big franchise to RTS and Halo fans alike, the opportunity to buy and own this game in a beautiful physical shape is something we appreciate a lot.”  And take a look at what 343 offers…


Xbox Exclusive Scalebound Officially Cancelled by Microsoft

2017 is barely two weeks old, but we have our first tragic celebrity death of the year… sort of. Microsoft has announced that it has canceled Scalebound. Rumors about Scalebound’s cancellation began making the rounds early last week among some independent gaming sites and YouTube channels. Earlier today, reputable sources such as Kotaku, Eurogamer, and IGN began to report on this rumors, thus giving it an air of legitimacy. It wasn’t long before Microsoft made the news official. “After careful deliberation, Microsoft Studios has come to the decision to end production for Scalebound,” read a press statement from the Redmond-based tech giant. Announced during E3 2014, Scalebound was being developed by Hideki Kamiya and Platinum Games as an Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive title. It was set to be an ambitious action RPG where players could control both a human protagonist and his giant, fire-breathing dragon companion. Given its pedigree, Scalebound made it to the top of many site’s “most anticipated” games lists (including ours… twice!). [embedded content] According to Eurogamer, relations between Platinum Games and Microsoft “dramatically soured” since Scalebound was last seen during Gamescom 2016. Last Fall, senior members of READ FULL STORY AT GEEK!


Rocket Riot is out now on Steam and Windows 10!

Press release: ROTTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS – October 19, 2016 – Development studio Codeglue re-publishes the action-packed shooter Rocket Riot on Steam and Windows 10 (PC & mobile). Rocket Riot goes Ind(i)ependent After a great partnership with Microsoft, Codeglue received a surprising email one day proclaiming the independence of Rocket Riot. The studio was free to publish the game themselves!  Once the… READ FULL STORY AT THEGG!


Microsoft Mahjong on Windows 10 Receives Daily Challenges and New Puzzles

The Microsoft Casual Games team has announced that they have updated Microsoft Mahjong on Windows 10 with daily challenges and 20 new puzzles only for that platform. The app has a new look and is now a Universal Windows App meaning you can play it across any Windows 10 device. Variety of New Themes – Enjoy gorgeous graphics and relaxing sounds with multiple visual themes to choose from. Complete puzzles at four levels of difficulty – perfect for Mahjong beginners and experts alike. Daily Challenges – Take your tile-matching skills to the next level as you work your way through Daily Challenges, including unique gameplay modes such as Golden Tiles, where your goal is to uncover and match the hidden pairs of golden tiles. You can also earn special badges by completing! Undo System – You can rewind the game back to any spot to fix mistakes or take a different approach. Xbox Live Integration – With added Xbox Live integration, fans can earn Achievements and Gamerscore, compete with your friends on the leaderboards and track your personal statistics. Plus, if you sign in with a Microsoft account, your progress is stored in the cloud, so you can play the game on any…


5 Reasons to Be Excited for Gears of War 4

The Xbox One has enjoyed a pretty decent year so far with the release of Quantum Break, ReCore, and Forza Horizon 3. While only the latter of those has met with critical and commercial success, the company is today releasing a title that is sure to be a hit and may even help push some consoles out of the door. What game is that? It’s Gears of War 4, of course. It has been a few years since we’ve gotten a new, main-line Gears game (sorry, Judgement) and the excitement for this title is understandably high. Pure cover-based shooters are a rare thing these days so it is refreshing to have a game that goes back to basics. Even though Gears of War 4 will deliver the sort of experience that fans of the franchise expect, it will also have a good amount of new features which should keep it from being another stale retread (again, I’m looking at you, Judgement). Gears of War 4 has a lot going on for it, but here are the top five reasons why Xbox One and PC gamers should be excited for the game. 1. New friends, new enemies Previous Gears games focused on…


ReCore Updated with Improvement Patch and Free Trial Experience

With Microsoft continually trying to improve upon the experience of playing ReCore, they decided to give gamers the opportunity to try the title for free. This trial experience is available now on Xbox One and Windows 10 and gives an 30 minute tour of Far Eden. Any achievements that you may earn in your short playthrough you get to keep along with your progress if you purchase the full game. The patch bundled with the trial contains the following fixes: In this update, you will experience decreased loading times, see audio and visual improvements, and notice improvements to issues you may have experienced with waypoints, achievement tracking, collision locations, checkpoints and respawn points. It’s nice to see Microsoft actively whittling away the long wait times that ReCore is unfortunately known for. We’ll see if this tactic of bringing in new skeptical new gamers will work with this somewhat divisive game.