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BioShock: The Collection vs. XCOM 2 is This Week’s PlayStation Discount Poll

Defending against intelligent alien threath or doing battle with the crazed leaders of Rapture and Columbia. Which will you choose for a pretty discount this week? …Read More The post BioShock: The Collection vs. XCOM 2 is This Week’s PlayStation Discount Poll by Jordan Loeffler appeared first on DualShockers.

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Games, Franchises, and Experiences We Want in VR

Resident Evil 7 is proving to be quite the virtual reality masterpiece, with 10% of registered players across all platforms choosing to play in PlayStation VR. While playing for our review, I played for eight hours straight in VR, happy that virtual reality is getting longer triple-A experiences. As I was playing, I couldn’t help but think what the success of Resident Evil 7 could be paving the way for in the future of VR. In fact, certain segments within the game sparked ideas for what I wanted to see, setting off the series of ideas you see below. Don’t worry, it’s not just a bunch of horror games I want adapted into VR, though those dark experiences do make up their fair share of the list. We’ve also added some games that are visual masterpieces, as well as experiences that are improved through the intimate immersion of PlayStation VR. With such a fascinating platform, I’m hoping that developers take the initiative to take some risks and continue to develop unique experiences for PlayStation VR. If any developer wants to skim off the ideas we have below, fell free. We here at PlayStation LifeStyle think these would make for stellar READ…

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XCOM 2: Long War 2 Mod is a Punishing Adrenaline Filled Experience

XCOM 2: Long War 2 Mod Impressions The definitive XCOM 2 mod is finally here so buckle up for a long and grueling campaign against the ADVENT forces. Long War 2 from Pavonis Interactive launched last Friday, nearly overhauling the complete base game. Among a rework of the classes and weapon tiers in XCOM 2, the difficulty has been tweaked to force players into longer missions and an even longer campaign. Before diving in, I was curious how the Long War 2 team would reconcile the traditional drawn-out approach with the “alpha strike” tempo of XCOM 2. In short, Pavonis has done a great job integrating the themes of XCOM 2 into their new mod. XCOM 2 is all about fighting back as a resistance force and Long War 2 introduces new mechanics that thematically fit. Your ultimate goal is still to stop the Avatar Project from completing, but there’s more of a series of intermediate goals this time around; while previously you would establish resistance networks around regions, this time you have more managerial control over resistance havens. Each haven can be modified to provide more supplies or intel depending on your priorities. You can even work to completely remove…


Long War 2 Completely Changes XCOM 2

Long War was one of the first XCOM reboot’s most popular and beloved mods, so much so that XCOM 2 ended up liberally cribbing notes from its playbook. Now there’s a Long War for XCOM 2, and it’s a doozy. Advertisement The goal of the mod is to make players feel like they’re waging a real fictional guerrilla war against aliens. Long War 2 plays up the infiltrator angle. Your max squad size is ten (versus vanilla XCOM 2‘s six), but smaller squads infiltrate areas more quickly, and an effective infiltration means weaker enemies once you’re on the ground. It’s a cool dynamic that means big squads of scrubs and small squads of commando killing machines are both viable, depending on the situation. That’s hardly all the mod adds. In some ways, it really is a whole new game built inside XCOM 2. Here’s the feature list: Advertisement Features include: 1) A much longer campaign, running for 100 to 120 missions on average 2) Infiltration mechanics that require you to send out multiple squads at once 3) Manage resistance Havens and have resistance READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


The Long-anticipated XCOM Mod, Long War 2, Is Available Now on Steam

More Missions, More Weapons, More Classes, a Bigger Campaign, and More of Everything We Love about XCOM in the Long War 2 Mod Thanks to Pavonis Interactive, previously Long War Studios, XCOM players shall experience more nuanced gameplay against Advent. Presenting the Long War Mod for XCOM 2, available now from Steam. Players can experience the legendary overhaul of previous XCOM titles within the XCOM 2 engine. Moreover, as the name implies, fight in a longer campaign. Veterans already know all about Long War–now Long War 2. But in this case, it aptly caters to the theme of Insurgency. While we’ve covered Long War in the past, we’ve since gained some important details from the developers. Namely, we’ll see variability in the war against Advent, how AI responds to the player’s progress. Additionally, plenty of weapon additions and innovations expand our mode of play. Most prominent, we have a new soldier in the form of the Technical Class. You can watch the showcase below: The Technical Class may represent the most versatile unit since the Ranger. Since it can fire rockets as well as flames, they can help your team out of several binds. And that’s usually the case, especially now that Long…


XCOM 2’s Long War 2 Adds New Technical Soldier Class

In case you missed it, last week, developer Pavonis Interactive (previously known as Long War Studios) and publisher 2K announced Long War 2 for XCOM 2, a follow up mod to the incredibly popular and extensive mod,  …Read More The post XCOM 2’s Long War 2 Adds New Technical Soldier Class by Tyler Fischer appeared first on DualShockers.


XCOM 2’s Long War 2 Adds Coilguns Weapon Tier

In case you missed it, developer Pavonis Interactive (previously known as Long War Studios) and publisher 2K announced Long War 2 for XCOM 2, a follow up mod to the incredibly popular and extensive mod, Long War,  …Read More The post XCOM 2’s Long War 2 Adds Coilguns Weapon Tier by Tyler Fischer appeared first on DualShockers.


Get XCOM 2 for Only $12 in the Next Humble Monthly Bundle

Firaxis’ XCOM 2 was adored by both critics and fans when it released on PC, PS4, and Xbox One last year (we gave the console version a 9.0). If you haven’t picked the game up yet, …Read More The post Get XCOM 2 for Only $12 in the Next Humble Monthly Bundle by Tomas Franzese appeared first on DualShockers.


Pavonis Interactive Announces Long War 2 Mod for XCOM 2 as Well as a New Original Project

If you’re a fan of the XCOM series — like myself — you will be familiar with XCOM: Enemy Unknown’s Long War mod from Pavonis Interactive (previously Long War Studios), as it was perhaps the games greatest …Read More The post Pavonis Interactive Announces Long War 2 Mod for XCOM 2 as Well as a New Original Project by Tyler Fischer appeared first on DualShockers.

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Spectacular Long War Mod Triumphantly Returns in XCOM 2

Studio Behind Original, Expansive Long War Mod for XCOM Working on Long War 2 Today, 2K and Firaxis Games announced that the popular mod for XCOM, called “Long War” will be coming soon to XCOM2. Appropriately named Long War 2, the mod is being developed by the same people who created the original mod for Enemy Unknown and Enemy Within. Above links are for console versions of the game, click here for PC. While the mod is being released for PC, XCOM 2 runs perfectly on consoles and it is conceivable that the official support of the developers could mean eventual console support. Formerly knows as Long War Studios, newly renamed, Pavonis Interactive, has already been working on the mod for some time. They are the same team that has already brought some great mods to XCOM 2 on PC like the Alien Pack and the “Perk” and “Laser Pack” mods. The Long War mod for the last XCOM game was incredibly well received by the community as well as the developers.  The original mod was a tremendous overhaul to almost every aspect of XCOM and was in beta from 2013 to 2015. Hopefully with all that Pavonis Interactive has learned, Long…


Mafia III Sets Launch Record for Series, lands at No. 2 on UK Sales Charts

2K’s Mafia III has set a launch week sales record for the franchise. Exact sales numbers weren’t divulged, however, UKIE Game Charts did reveal that sales were up 58.7 percent compared to the launch of Mafia II six years ago. Unlike the previous entry in the series, which released at number one, Mafia III  managed to only grab the number two spot this week for the UK sales charts. What stole its glory? FIFA 17, which according to UKIE dominated again for the second straight week. Beyond Mafia III, no other new releases managed to grab a top ten spot, with the closet being Paper Mario: Color Splash charting at number 14. Important to note: the week’s chart only features sales numbers up to Friday, October 8th. Meaning for a game like Mafia III, only the first day of sales were recorded. Here’s the full top ten for Week 40 of this year: FIFA 17 MAFIA III FORZA HORIZON 3 GRAND THEFT AUTO V ROCKET LEAGUE BIOSHOCK: THE COLLECTION XCOM 2 PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2017 FALLOUT 4 MINECRAFT: XBOX EDITION


XCOM 2 Review – A Seamless & Beautiful Transition From PC to Consoles

XCOM 2 Review XCOM is one franchise that has been around nearly forever, but not everyone knows that it existed past 2012. Its history spans all the way back to 1994, but it’s in 2012 where XCOM made its first real step into the current “modern” gaming world. XCOM: Enemy Unknown was the “re-imagined” remake of the first XCOM game, UFO: Enemy Unknown, that originally launched in 1994. It was an impressive game that humbled many and won numerous “Game of the Year” awards. Eventually XCOM: Enemy Within, the expansion to XCOM: Enemy Unknown, was released that added more gameplay elements and content which further impressed its audience. Two years later, we’re given XCOM 2 and I can tell you one thing: it still doesn’t fail to impress. There’s a whole lot of the same, but even more of the new as well as the better. Set 20 years after the events of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the backbone of the story is the same but the times have changed. As part of XCOM, instead of fending off an alien invasion like in Enemy Unknown, the aliens have already occupied earth making XCOM a resistance force. There’s no short of topics…

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XCOM 2 PS4 review – The best sci-fi strategy game on console!

The last XCOM war failed, humanity despite all their firepower lost and the alien threat took over. They renamed themselves Advent and made false peace with humanity, while experimenting on them in secret. However, humanity is fighting back in small pockets of resistance, with new technology and a can of woop ass in the form of elite soldiers! This is… READ FULL STORY AT THEGG!

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XCOM 2 Review — Welcome Back Commander

XCOM 2 is a good console port of a great sequel to one of the best strategy games to release in recent history. Switching from defense to offense makes this a sequel that improves upon and subverts the foundation built in its predecessor. While the technical issues from the PC persist, ranging from visuals that are out of place to sound bites played on repeat at the wrong time, to the game crashing and sending me back to the PlayStation 4 menu, it is still an enjoyable game with lots of replayability. For this bout of alien repelling, you are tasked with commanding a mobile home base that travels around the globe assaulting the alien invaders who are now in total control of Earth. While building up your own force and the overall resistance network, you are also tasked with sabotaging the mysterious Advent project which acts as the end-game. Certain actions taken by the aliens will advance this project towards completion, and failing to counter-act it means game over. This timed action reflects some of the missions you will be sent on, where a turn-timer counts down how much longer you have until the objective is marked as a…