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Yacht Club Games Confirms Development on Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment has been Completed


Yacht Club Games Finally Working on a Game that isn’t Shovel Knight in 2017

For as great as Shovel Knight is, it’s now been out since June 2016. It’s been ported to many systems and had a major piece of DLC released as well. Even though developer Yacht Club Games is …Read More The post Yacht Club Games Finally Working on a Game that isn’t Shovel Knight in 2017 by Leif Conti-Groome appeared first on DualShockers.


Shovel Knight Coming to Nintendo Switch; New Updates, Two-Player Co-op, and More Announced

The acclaimed 2014 2D platformer has been confirmed for a new version coming to Nintendo Switch, along with numerous updates on previous platforms. …Read More The post Shovel Knight Coming to Nintendo Switch; New Updates, Two-Player Co-op, and More Announced by Ryan Meitzler appeared first on DualShockers.


Shovel Knight Is Coming To Switch, Getting A New Structure And Price

That’s a buff looking Shield Knight! Shovel Knight will be released on the Nintendo Switch. The popular platformer is also getting a slew of additional modes as well as new name and price. Advertisement Yacht Club Games outlined their plans in a blog post today. Shovel Knight will be updated into a new version called Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. Players who own the original title will have their copy upgraded to the new version for free. It will contain the main game, the Plague Knight campaign Plague of Shadows, and the new Specter of Torment campaign featuring Specter Knight. The original campaign will now be known as ‘Shovel of Hope’ After the upgrade to Treasure Trove, new players who did not own the game will be able to purchase previous campaigns separately or as a bundle. The game’s price will also be increasing an unspecified amount in the Spring. If the restructuring seems confusing, that’s because it kind of is. Advertisement Less confusing and far more welcome are the upcoming additions to the game. A gender swapping Body Swap Mode will change READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

AGDQ's Shovel Knight Speedrun Race Was Tense

Speedrunning charity event Awesome Games Done Quick is in full swing and already producing some amazing runs. Yesterday, a speedrun race between two Shovel Knight players stole the show. Advertisement Awesome Games Done Quick or AGDQ showcases some of the best speedrunners in a week long charity drive for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. In addition to solo runs, the event hosts races between players. This race between current Any% world record holder Smaugy and Munchakoopas is one of the best yet. The race is notable for focusing largely on high technical skill and very few glitches. The runners are also joined by the JHobz, who does wonderful commentary throughout the match. It’s everything you could ever want from a speedrun race: astounding boss fights, shortcuts, and a few heartbreaking deaths. In the end, Smaugy won. He secured victory by a meager six seconds. Advertisement Well done, runners. That definitely was awesome. READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 Review — Another Shockingly Good Time

The Azure Striker Gunvolt series is certainly establishing itself as one of the next big 2D platforming franchises. Following a very successful first game and a cool crossover with Mighty No. 9, and an upcoming Original Video Animation, the second game in the fledgling series has a lot riding on it. With Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, Inti Creates has delivered another great 2D platformer which, while clearly inspired by Mega Man, has come into its own as an exciting and fulfilling experience. After foiling Sumeragi’s evil plan to enslave all adepts (human subtypes that can possess special powers) in the last game, Gunvolt had taken some time to rest and recover Suddenly, powerful adepts led by a former enemy named Zonda team up to create a “paradise” for all adepts, at the cost of all non-adepts’ lives. Gunvolt’s companion Joule is split into shards, so Gunvolt and Copen must go around, defeating adepts and obtaining these shards. After the first two levels, the story is split into two very different campaigns. In one you play as Gunvolt, the other as Copen. Both campaign’s stories are quite interesting and written very well by 2D platformer standards.  The characters ooze charm and personality, and that is reflected…