Wargaming Apologizes For Threatening YouTuber, Promises Change

The studio behind the massively successful game World of Tanks walked back their controversial actions against one of their former community YouTubers today. “We acted too quickly and over the line when we threatened to have YouTube remove SirFoch’s video through a copyright infringement complaint,” the company said in a statement. “And we are apologizing for that.” Now, Wargaming says they will not take copyright action against “opinions based on our publicly released content.” Wargaming’s about face follows several days of backlash against the gaming giant. Among the things the company apologized for today was its own prior statement on the matter, which had been supplied to Kotaku and other outlets on Friday. Advertisement This drama began on Friday following the release of a video by SirFoch, a “fanfluencer” who posted a critical video tearing down the Chrysler K Grand Finals premium tank and its $80 price tag. In it, SirFoch refers to Wargaming as “greedy fucks,” adding, “GG Wargaming and fuck you.” Citing his lack of decorum, a Wargaming rep booted SirFoch from the community contributor program and issued a copyright strike. On World of Tanks forums, the game’s community spoke out against READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

Normally, A Competitive Pokémon Match Between These Top Players Wouldn't Happen

There are many ways to play competitive Pokémon, and each format has its own group of top players. These groups usually don’t cross paths, but YouTubers created an online league to remedy that. Last weekend, two elite trainers from the singles community took on their “doubles” counterparts in a clash of the titans. Joey “pokéaimMD” and “Lord Emvee” both have a respectable list of tournament wins and moments at the top of online ladders as singles players. Meanwhile, Wolfe Glick and Markus Stadter are both world-class doubles players who compete in the official tournament series, the Pokémon Video Game Championship. The former is the 2016 world champion while the latter finished third. Both pairs also happen to be best friends who joined the Multi-Battle League to stake their claim in a lesser-played competitive format. (Disclosure: I am an analyst for this league, meaning I participate in round-table discussions of the league and weekly match previews.) Unlike singles, players fight with two Pokémon on the field at a time in a multi-battle. Yet, unlike the doubles format, each side splits control of their team among two trainers. This forces players to, among other things, come to agreements on team-building and in-game…


Negative World Of Tanks Video Gets Taken Down After Developer Threatens Copyright Claim

A prominent World of Tanks Youtuber removed a video criticizing one of the game’s latest additions after its developer, Wargaming, threatened a copyright strike against it if he refused. “Fuck Wargaming, fuck their terrible way of making these premium tanks lately, and fuck this premium tank in particular,” said SirFoch in a video uploaded to his Youtube channel after the Chrysler K Grand Finals premium tank was added to the game this week. He argued that the tank was unrealistically strong and made that way on purpose in order to force players to spend more money. “[B]ut in the collision model, what do we have? No machine gun ports. Why? I don’t know ‘because how are we gonna make money if we don’t force everybody to spend premium ammo and buy premium tanks and buy fuck’n premium tank,’” SirFoch said. “We are greedy fucks at Wargaming, yay!” Advertisement “GG Wargaming and fuck you.” In the wake of the video attacking Wargaming for its perceived use of pay-to-win mechanics, a community manager at the company who goes by Zoltan “Ph3lan” Sipos contacted SirFoch over Discord. Ph3lan explained, according to screenshots of the READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


Mr. Tired Media has released a brand-new battle system trailer for “Undead Darlings”

It’s been quite a while since I heard anything from Mr. Tired Media and their upcoming visual novel dungeon crawling RPG “Undead Darlings: No cure for love” (the game is said to be set for a release to Windows, MAC and Linux during Q1 or Q2 this year). In the matter of fact, the last time that I wrote about… READ FULL STORY AT THEGG!


Youtubers Life celebrates its 1st anniversary with a release on Google Play

Press release: Barcelona, Spain – May 18, 2017 – Today indie studio U-Play Online has announced the release of Youtubers Life on Android. Now you can become the greatest content creator ever either on Steam, iOS or Android devices. The regular app on Android, which contains the original Gaming Channel, costs $8.99. One Year Ago Today Youtubers Life, the first… READ FULL STORY AT THEGG!


Zelda: Breath of the Wild Cheats Open Up A World Of Possibilities

GIF Breath of the Wild players have developed a cheat code mod that lets you spawn almost any object, item, character, or boss into your game. The raw power this affords Link is incredible. Advertisement Here’s MrBean35000vr, testing out a sliver of things you can do with the “Accio Master Code” on the Wii U version of the game: Want to spawn a million King of Hyrules to fight against a Guardian? You can do that. Want to make it rain bananas? Go nuts. At one point, MrBean ties Link to a tornado of metal boxes, which perpetually spawn and hit everything that stands in their way. During another segment, MrBean tries to see how many pigeons he can spawn, only to find that BOTW will trigger a Blood Moon to wipe the game once it starts struggling with too many rendered objects. He also gifts Link endless Rupees, only to find that BOTW’s carry limit is 999,999. Fun fact. And of course, MrBean had to see what would happen if he put all of BOTW’s bosses in a single room. It’s sheer chaos. Link doesn’t stand a chance. The READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


ARMS is to be live streamed on Wednesday, and a brand-new Splatoon 2 trailer will be shown

I (Robin Ek, TGG) got some really excited news to share with all you Switch players out there. You see, Nintendo Sweden (Bergsala AB) just informed me that ARMS is to be live streamed on Wednesday =) Furthermore, a brand-new “Splatoon 2” trailer will be shown as well: “A brand new Nintendo Direct is broadcast live on Wednesday at midnight… READ FULL STORY AT THEGG!


Japanese Game Companies That Won't Allow YouTube Comments 

[Image: YouTube] Nintendo America, for example, allows comments on its YouTube videos. The company’s Japanese headquarters does not, and some people online in Japan don’t sound too happy. Advertisement This has been going on for a while now, but a recent 2ch thread shined a light on the discrepancy. It’s kind of strange that Nintendo doesn’t allow comments on Japanese YouTube, no? But Nintendo is not alone. Sony also doesn’t allow comments on its PlayStation Japan YouTube channel. (PlayStation North America and PlayStation Europe most certainly do!)  Neither does Capcom Japan. Square Enix Japan doen’t even track Likes, which is nuts. However, Square Enix North America tracks Likes and allows comments on its YouTube channel. There are exceptions, however! Atlus allows comments on its Japanese YouTube channel. Ditto for Sega. Good for them. Advertisement Advertisement But, as pointed out on 2ch, it’s still odd to see the European trailer for Nioh with comments, the North American one with comments, and the Japanese YouTube one like this: Here are some of the reactions to the comment-disabling practice on 2ch (be aware that READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

fast food

Someone Actually Ate That Famous (And Giant) GTA San Andreas Fast Food Order

GIF Last year, some people became obsessed with an old fast food order that happens in GTA San Andreas. And now, a competitive eater tracked down all the food in real life, ordered it, and then tried to eat it all in one sitting. Advertisement Matt Stonie is Youtuber who creates food challenge videos, such as eating a giant bowl of Cheerios. At some point, he came across an internet post that detailed exactly what a GTA character named Big Smoke ordered in-game, and decided to use that as inspiration for one 9000+ calorie mega-meal that spans multiple fast-food restaurants. Behold: In GTA San Andreas, during the mission “Drive-Thru”, you and a few other characters go through a Cluckin Bell drive-thru. Big Smoke, one of the leaders of the Grove Street Family gang, proceeds to order a ridiculous amount of food. His complete order is: Two number 9s A number 9 large A number 6 with extra dip A number 7 Two number 45s One with cheese And a large soda It’s one thing to figure out what the real world version of this order would look like, but READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

cube world

Cube World Hasn't Been Updated In Years, But Some Fans Still Play Every Day

In 2013, voxel exploration game Cube World blew up, amassing millions of views on YouTube and video game sites. Despite the hype, Cube World’s creators became infamous for going radio silent, while the paid alpha for the game hasn’t updated since July 2013. Many fans have probably asked themselves, “What happened to Cube World?” And yet, some still hold on to hope. Advertisement Every so often, Cube World developer Wolfram von Funck will tease an upcoming feature or tweak on social media: new music, improved questing, new terrain, what have you. The gaps between social media mentions can be excruciating, with fans sometimes waiting up to five months before hearing about minor things like new shaders or map functions. Funck has spoken to Kotaku multiple times now, always reminding us that Cube World has a very small development team of two people who are working at their own pace. Just because Cube World doesn’t have a constant marketing drip feed doesn’t mean the creators have given up on it. It’s the opposite, actually: Cube World is their baby, so it’ll be ready when it’s damn ready. Still, you wouldn’t blame anyone for losing interest READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


Overwatch YouTuber Gets Harassed After Redditor Makes False Accusations

Overwatch Over the past few years, Reddit has become the go-to destination for those who feel they have been mistreated and want to hold powerful figures accountable. But the popular website, which refers to itself as “the front page of the Internet,” is also a breeding ground for mobs that require little evidence before embarking on vociferous witch hunts. As one moderator told me after the Overwatch subreddit exploded this weekend, Redditors like to “upvote first, ask questions later.” Advertisement This weekend, a thread on the Overwatch subreddit snowballed into a thousands-strong witch hunt against Overwatch YouTuber OhNickel. OhNickel’s Overwatch commentary channel has about 800,000 subscribers. There, and on Twitter, he hosts occasional contests with Steam giveaway prizes. Yesterday, on /r/Overwatch, a poster named “Vitalechz” claimed that “Overwatch YouTuber ‘ohnickle’ still hasn’t given me my prize after 2 Months.” (As some Redditors later pointed out, one red flag was that he misspelled the YouTuber’s name.) In the post, he claimed that he had won one of the YouTuber’s contests and that OhNickel had cheated him out of the Steam gift card he promised. The thread rocketed to the top of /r/Overwatch with READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

ice poseidon

For Twitch Streamer Who Got Swatted On A Plane, Notoriety Is A Double-Edged Sword

Since the end of last week, news reports have been circulating about Paul “Ice Poseidon” Denino, a streamer who got swatted while on an airplane and subsequently got banned from Twitch. In his eyes, he was booted unjustly, chewed up and spat out by Twitch’s new “IRL” section. However, this isn’t Denino’s first brush with Twitch law, nor swatting, for that matter. Many people watch him because they want to see stuff like that happen. Some even go out of their way to cause it. Advertisement Denino has a long history of messing with people and being messed with. It’s spilled out from games into real life thanks to a practice called “stream sniping,” where people figure out where you are by watching your stream and use that knowledge for some sort of prank or shenanigan. The airplane incident was the culmination of a trend that’s become central to Denino’s appeal, for better and worse. The airplane incident was the culmination of a trend that’s become central to Denino’s appeal, for better and worse. Once upon a time, Denino was a streamer who mostly sat in his apartment and played old-school fantasy MMO Runescape. He READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

YouTubers Say They Can't Make Money Covering Call of Duty: WWII

Since March, YouTubers have watched their revenue plummet as advertisers bleed out of the platform. Some videos containing violence, real or fictional, are considered “inappropriate for advertising.” First-person shooter Call of Duty, a massively popular game on YouTube, is no walk in the park. So, the huge community that’s formed around it is getting hit by widespread demonetization. Advertisement After Activision announced upcoming Call of Duty title, Call of Duty: WWII last week, the community’s financial problems took a turn for the worse. Viewers and fans want to hear about the next CoD game, but as a result of its WWII theme, YouTubers are risking demonetization by talking about it. PrestigeIsKey, a Call of Duty YouTuber with over a million subscribers, published a video on Sunday about how his channel is struggling with demonetization. “At first,” he said, “I thought this wouldn’t affect gamers because, obviously, video games aren’t real.” Throughout his seven years making CoD content on YouTube, he’d never had an issue until recently. Months ago, when the demonetization crisis was in full swing, his channel suffered enormously because it depicts fictional war. Now, that he’s trying to cover the news of the upcoming World War II-themed Call…

digital homicide

Court Throws Out Digital Homicide's Case Against Critic Jim Sterling

Jim Sterling Yesterday, a court dismissed game developer Digital Homicide’s $10 million case against YouTube critic Jim Sterling. Fortunately for those of us who write about video games, Sterling’s scathing critique of Digital Homicide’s game Slaughtering Grounds won’t create precedent for developers slamming critics with million-dollar lawsuits. Advertisement “I’d say this should at least serve as a warning to developers that such extreme measures might sound good as threats, but are generally just a bad idea,” Sterling said in an e-mail. “Critics, too, should take note—yes this case was frivolous, but it still had to be taken seriously once it was served.” Years ago, Sterling published a YouTube video describing Digital Homicide’s Slaughtering Grounds as a “New ‘Worst Game Of 2014′ Contender.” Sterling, who regularly plays games he considers hilariously bad, skewered Slaughtering Grounds, deeming it an “absolute failure.” His critique implied Digital Homicide was selling an original game composed of unoriginal materials, or “asset flipping.” In response, Digital Homicide accused Sterling of playing the game incorrectly, perhaps to entertain or attract viewers. They soon filed a DMCA takedown to wipe Sterling’s video from YouTube. “We find the usage of the READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!