Zelda Players Have Found Wild Ways To Break Breath Of The Wild's Shrines

GIF When most people enter a Zelda shrine, they try to solve the puzzles. Sometimes a shrine will accept multiple solutions, allowing players to get creative. Some fans, however, have figured out ways to bend and break shrines in ways that Nintendo probably never anticipated. Advertisement By now you’ve probably seen GIFs or videos of “shrine skips,” elaborate ways that people exploit the physics and glitches within Breath of the Wild. The most famous one might be contained in this tweet, where someone seemingly shield surfs a floating bomb: This is the handiwork of Adrylek, a member of the speedrunning community who loves finding fast and unique ways to solve shrines. To date, Adrylek has uploaded 44 videos outlining shortcuts for dozens of shrines within Breath of the Wild. The first video in the playlist below, for example, uses stasis to launch a metal block high enough to go straight into the sage room. That’s just the tip of the iceberg; shrine skips have become like a game onto itself. Many of these skips utilize something called a “shield jump” (using shield surfing to gain a double jump) and “bomb READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

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Sales Numbers For the Nintendo Switch And The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Wondering how the Switch is doing around the world? What about the new Zelda? Nintendo announced their global sales figures in a newly released financial statement. Advertisement In Japan, Nintendo sold 600,000 Switch units between March 3, when the hardware launched, and March 31, when the financial quarter ended. In the Americas, during that same period, 1.2 million Switch units were sold, while another 940,000 Switch units were sold in the region Nintendo calls “Other” (Europe, Australia, and beyond). In total, Nintendo has sold 2.74 million Switch consoles worldwide in less than a month.  Advertisement During that same period, Nintendo also sold 5.46 million Switch games worldwide. In Japan, 890,000 Switch games were sold, while 2.86 million were sold in The Americas and 1.71 million were sold in “Other.” Globally, Nintendo sold 2.76 million copies of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for the Switch (including the Wii U version, the total is 3.84 million copies). That’s 390,000 copies of Breath of the Wild Switch for Japan (120,000 copies for the Wii U version), and 2.37 Switch copies overseas (960,000 Wii U copies).  It certainly looks READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


The Best, Weirdest Mario/Zelda Crossovers

Illustration by Sam Woolley Late last year, it was revealed that Link would become a racer in Mario Kart 8. But that wasn’t his first Mario rodeo. Nor was it the first time Zelda crossed over into the Mario series—far from it. Advertisement This post originally appeared 3/31/15. Since the late eighties, or more precisely, since the arrival of Zelda, it and the Mario games have traded characters, references and imagery dozens of times, from the earliest NES games to the latest iterations of the two series. Let’s have a look at some notable examples. Mario in Zelda The Legend of Zelda – NES The very first Mario reference in the Zelda series can be found in the very first game—Manhandla, the third boss of The Legend of Zelda, is described by the Japanese (and only the Japanese) manual as a four-limbed, massive Piranha Plant. A Link to the Past – SNES A Mario reference pops up very early in the game, with portraits of Mario hanging on the walls of some of the houses in Kakariko village. Furthermore, Chain Chomps appear as enemies in one of the dungeons, and there are READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

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Breath Of The Wild’s Best Rewards Aren’t Always ‘Useful’

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild does not dole out rewards predictably. Often you’ll spend an afternoon figuring out some elaborate puzzle, only to walk away with some rupees or a weapon you didn’t need. Other times the reward will be just as “useless,” but more special than any pile of loot could be. Advertisement Breath of the Wild spoilers follow. Early into Breath of the Wild you’ll meet Kass, a handsome winged Rito with an accordion. He’s on a pilgrimage around Hyrule in search of ancient secrets, performing songs he’s learned about various places across the map. You usually come across him as he’s standing in a field or forest, and the lyrics of his songs will point you toward a hidden shrine or treasure. He also hangs out at the stables in Hyrule, cleverly weaving a version of Epona’s Theme from Ocarina of Time into the music that normally plays while Breath of the Wild’s tamed horses stand nearby. Advertisement Kass hails from the Rito Village in the northwest part of Hyrule, a vertiginous alpine town built into the side of READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

Fan Creates Playable Version of Breath of the Wild’s 2D Prototype

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is great for many reasons. One of its standout features is how different mechanics react to one another. Shoot a tree with a fire arrow, and it’ll burn. Chop that same tree down, and it’ll topple over, setting anything it touches ablaze. Thanks to these reactive systems, the game encourages players to be creative when approaching its various challenges. To demonstrate how different game elements would interact with each other, the game’s developers created a 2D prototype in the style of the original Legend of Zelda. Though it looks exactly like the NES classic, it had a lot of Breath of the Wild‘s DNA. Anyone who saw footage of this prototype probably wished that they could play the game. Now, thanks to a dedicated fan, people can. As you can see from the video below, Breath of the NES is very much like the Breath of the Wild prototype. It features a day/night cycle, food you can harvest, and more. Using Game Maker Studio, it has taken developer Winter Drake several months of work to get up to this point. [embedded content] Speaking with Kotaku, Winter Drake said that “this project is…

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Zelda Fan Game Turns Breath of the Wild Prototype Into A Thing You Can Play

Earlier this year, Nintendo showed off a 2D version of Zelda that it used to conceptualize some of the mechanics in Breath of the Wild. It was cool! No surprise, then, that a fan decided to recreate that prototype so that anyone could play it. Breath of the NES is available for download on itchio, and as you can see above, it recreates the style and look of the demo from GDC. You can cut down trees, harvest food, shoot arrows, use physics and even the Korok leaf to kill enemies in novel ways. The visuals have also gotten some love: there’s graphical bloom, realistic shadows, and some lightning effects. The whole thing was built in Game Maker Studio over the course of a few months. Advertisement “This project is still in its early stages…I’ll be adding more areas with distinct elements and atmospheres, puzzle elements for dungeons, and lots of ways to creatively kill enemies,” Winter Drake, the developer behind Breath of the NES, told Kotaku. Winter Drake says they are trying to capture the broad and open-ended interactivity available in BOTW, but with some added twists as well. READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

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Megadriver has released their The Legend of Zelda Metal album “Trimetal”

Today is a very good day for all you “Zelda” and Metal fans out there, because the Brazilian video game Metal band MegaDriver just informed me that they have released their “The Legend of Zelda Metal” album “Trimetal” via Bandcamp and Spotify: “Following the hype of the release of the new The Legend Of Zelda: The Breath Of The Wild… READ FULL STORY AT THEGG!

Here Is Some Really Good Music From The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

You ever fight a video game boss where the music is so good, you draw the fight out so you can keep listening? Advertisement In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, there’s this mini-boss you can go fight in the desert. It’s called Molduga, and if you’re playing the game normally, you’ll probably just stumble into a fight with it. One minute you’re cruising through the desert, popping stunts behind your sand seal, the next you’ll see a huge health bar at the top of your screen and this music will start playing: Oh shit, son, it’s a sandworm. What are you gonna do? Probably, you’re gonna get completely slammed by it once or twice, since you haven’t yet figured out how to damage it. Because you are a cultured individual who has seen Tremors, you know to immediately run to the nearest rock formation. From there, you’ll probably work out what to do about Molduga. You can throw stuff (or shoot arrows) onto the sand to attract it. Once it’s in midair, what if you hit it with a… bomb arrow? BAM, it’s a hit! Molduga crashes to the earth, vulnerable. The music changes. Now you’ve got…

The Incredible Journey To Throw A Breath of the Wild Cucco Into Death Mountain

Under normal circumstances, Cuccos are seemingly invincible: nothing can strike them without incurring the wrath of the swarm. We’ve even witnessed Cuccos killing mini-bosses. Cuccos are hardcore! But what happens when you throw a Cucco into lava? Advertisement Would it still be invincible? Would the Cucco die? The fine folks over at Dorkly decided to test out what happens when you throw a Cucco into Death Mountain earlier this week, but they didn’t anticipate just how difficult it would be to even get the chicken across the map in the first place: Along the way, they have to contend with assassin attacks, horseback shenanigans, Guardians, and even lightning. The thing is, they can’t drop the Cucco without risking a despawn, but sometimes, things got so dicey that they had no other choice but to let the creature run free. Even simple tasks like climbing a mountain became hilarious. While you only see the highlights of the quest here, this whole thing took about an hour to accomplish. Regardless of the outcome, it was totally worth it. READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Asia’s lasting influence on Gaming

To say that the critical reaction to Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in recent weeks has been positive would be a huge understatement. Reviews for the flagship game for the company’s new Switch console have been unanimous in their verdict that the title is a true modern classic. So many elements have come in for praise… READ FULL STORY AT THEGG!

Nintendo finally fixes Zelda typo after 30 years

Back when the original Zelda launched in 1987, it wasn’t perfect. That’s right, the original Legend of Zelda wasn’t perfect. It had a typo.The Zelda typo was a mistake in the spelling of “peninsula”, where players are told that the “Eastmost penninsula is the secret”. Of course, there’s one too many “n” in the original spelling of the word.But for the NES Classic version of the game, Nintendo finally fixed the typo, as Twitter used Mato discovered.Sure it took them 30 years to fix the Zelda typo, but it’s proof that Nintendo still cares about their old games, fixing them 30 years after they were originally released.Zelda typo READ FULL STORY AT NINTENDOTODAY!

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Five Ways Nintendo Could Fix Breath Of The Wild's Clunky Interface

Nintendo’s latest Zelda game ​Breath of the Wild has garnered deserved praise for presenting users with an immense, emergent open world full of discovery, surprise, and charm. However, as I’ve been digging deeper into the game, I started to notice some areas that could benefit from a few quick user experience (UX) design improvements to reduce some bad friction and busywork. Advertisement The following article was republished with permission from Amped-UX.com. I wanted to share these thoughts today as I believe these changes would result in a more fluid and intuitive user experience. 1. Streamline equipment management. Breath of the Wild offers a much wider variety of equipment than Zelda games in the past, but the weapons and bows can break after extended usage. While there has been some online controversy about the wisdom of this decision, I’m not questioning it. In fact, I think it works because in the context of a much larger world to explore, players need a continuous feed of new and interesting weapons and choices to try, as this provides tactical variety and supports longer-term mechanical engagement. Advertisement The problem READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

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Breath Of The Wild Voice Actor Drops In On Streamer

Over the weekend a streamer finally beat Breath of the Wild, not realizing that the voice actor of her favorite character had been watching the whole time. Advertisement Haley Ojedi, who streams and makes gaming videos on her YouTube channel, didn’t think her subscribers would even be interested in her streaming the ending to Breath of the Wild, but after stumbling into the final boss, she decided to go live anyway. As she was fighting Calamity Ganon, her friend decided to tweet at Sean Chiplock, who voices Revali, Haley’s favorite character in the game. Ojedi’s friend invited Chiplock to watch the stream, and, to everyone’s surprise, he did. “I had been so consumed in the fight with Calamity Ganon that I didn’t even notice Sean had started to make comments in the live chat,” Ojedi told Kotaku. “It wasn’t until the end credits started rolling that Sean started to say who he was.” In the YouTube stream, when Ojedi realizes that Chiplock is actually in her chat, she puts her hand over her mouth and screams, “Oh my god!” She looks ecstatic, and she described the moment to Kotaku as “insane.” READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

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Link's Best Breath Of The Wild Outfits Are The Simplest

Illustration: Angelica Alzona “Less is more,” is common aphorism you hear about fashion. While it’s not always true, in Breath of the Wild, the simplest outfits are the most stylish. Advertisement My favorite outfits in Breath of the Wild aren’t the “coolest” ones. That trophy can handily be given to the Guardian Armor, with its glowing Tron lines. Sure, it’s “cool,” but what does it say about the wearer other than, “We made a cool robot that shoots lasers and boy howdy did we think you’d wanna dress like one”? The outfits I really like from this game are the ones that tell me their purpose while also looking like wearable clothes. They communicate who the wearer is, why they’re here, and what they intend to do. I’m not going to pretend that “wearable clothes,” are the final goal of fashion, but I do like it when games take things that are fantastical and make them practical. The following outfits do just that. Hylian Outfit It’s easy to confuse “classic” for “boring.” Even though this outfit is a fairly simple spin on high fantasy adventuring gear, it’s actually got a lot going READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!